IT Staffs




This selection is a small sample of the hundreds of staff that are currently working with our clients, in most cases, for years.


Web Developer

Initially hired only as a Php developer, Allan has flourished in the position to now become a versatile web developer who can also create flash animation action-scripting work. The client is very impressed with Allan proficient combination of web development and flash video embedding to revamp their company's e-commerce website.


Web Designer/SEO Specialist

Ana balances part-time jobs as a web designer/web production and SEO specialist with two of Remote Staff’s clients. The first client runs a web design and development firm, while the second operates an online marketing and digital media agency. Ana’s mastery of applications have become vital to the clients’ business and her sharp eye for detail are skills that have helped her deliver attractive and great-looking websites with search-engine friendly coding, tags and links that continuously draw in hundreds of new visitors daily. As a result, both clients are getting more online visibility and exposure of their sites to a very large captive market.


Web Developer/Web Designer

Deo is one of those few special people who have both their left and right brains working together. He's both a skilled graphic designer and a very analytical programmer with a strong background in .ASP and .NET coding. This rare combination of abilities guarantees that the client gets a consistently good standard of work done from the front-end to the back-end of his websites.


Virtual Assistant/Web Designer

Emmie is another one of those rare gifted versatile people who can effortlessly multi-task and still deliver the expected results of her client. She effectively functions both as a virtual assistant and as a web-designer which enables her client to maximize staffing costs. The clients confidence and trust is recognised by giving her the responsibility of direct management of the company's eBay account, including front-end and even back-end aspects of handling their eBay store.


Cisco support specialist

As a Cisco certified technical support specialist for Remote Staff’s client Patrick, Feljo primarily provides support and IT solutions for Cisco voice technology on installs carried out by the client’s customers. In the 2 month period that he was been working directly with Patrick, Feljo’s excellent communication and timely remote support servicing skills, whether it’s a customer’s change request or a fault ticket, have led to the client’s business doubling the output as scoped in the signed SLA. The client is very happy and satisfied with how Feljo and the Cisco support team is able to learn and perform and master the set processes in a short period of time. The client is getting a spectacular ROI with the addition of Feljo to his local team of Cisco staff. supervises and project manages some of the client's local Australian team in terms of content direction and quality. Apreel says that working from home is a unique experience - "By working from home, I can consistently be my best self as soon as I start my shift without putting on fancy clothes or makep."


Network Engineer

Franco works as a network engineer for Remote Staff�s client Ben, who operates a data and voice telecommunications firm in Australia. The client relies on Franco to ensure that the e-mail, internet and voice (VOIP or Analog) services of the company�s customers are operational and bug-free. Dealing with Cisco routers and switches everyday, Franco has demonstrated a positive attitude while delivering quality output and meeting the client�s expectations. As a result, Ben has expressed his staisfaction and gratitude towards Remotestaff. He said, �Thank you for all the great work you have been doing for us. The trial is no longer a trial, you guys are a vital part of our business and we won�t be a success without you.�


Web Developer

Originally subcontracted as a web applications developer, Jeff was later entrusted by the client to take over the role of lead developer as well as handling Internet marketing tasks. Jeff�s many years of experience with various web design/web programming projects and scripting languages has instilled in him the capacity to ensure quality output on both front- and back-end of the development process, much to the delight of the client. As the client puts it, �Jeff has been doing a really great job, and my team is very happy with the work he does."


Cisco network engineer

As a Cisco network engineer, Jennalyn enjoys identifying, researching and trouble-shooting technical issues encountered by customers on their different Cisco devices. Her line manager and direct client, Patrick, has commended her for being such a flexible and proactive asset to the team and he has recognised her as a consistent performer who treats issues as opportunities for learning and enhancing her skills in network engineering. With Jennalyn the client is getting a fantastic return with his remote team of Cisco staff.


Web Developer

Jian specializes at developing sites using PHP, Javascript and other tools like memcached and beanstalkd for memory storage management and job queueing. Aside from his flexible and diverse programming background, Jian dazzles his client regularly with his capacity to learn new programming languages quickly and introduce new tools for the client�s projects. With a team member like Jian on his side, the client's business is now on track to reach a new level of momentum towards reaching its goals faster than ever before.


Web Developer/Web Designer

The client loves Michael's special ability to handle both web development and graphic design roles and still deliver superb quality output for both ends. To date, Michael has already developed more than ten websites for just one client alone and even more recently, he completed delivery of a "full flash'" website. His incessant passion for creating great web designs certainly helps the client take his business to even greater heights this year.


Web Developer

Mike works as a web developer with a client who owns an e-commerce company. His ability to adjust quickly to any given situation helps put the client at ease and allows the client to concentrate more on business-critical matters. Mike�s output and technical contributions to the team has been very invaluable that�s why, with Mike as their web developer, the client has expressed to looking forward to having a long-term business relationship with Remote Staff.


Web Developer

Remote Staff�s client Rod subcontracted Michael to do web portal templates for their hosted service solutions. Michael�s eagerness to learn and apply new technologies to the website portals he maintains has brought a higher level of productivity to the client�s business. Michael�s work output has provided Rod the exact kind of results he needs to ensure his company stays competitive and consistently profitable in today�s global economy.


Web Developer/Web Designer

Ness� approach to creating websites for the client includes integration of social media and modern online communication tools like Webex. This type of mix often provides the client with so many channels to reach target key audiences and successfully convert site traffic into sales. Ness says working from home enables her to be more productive and more motivated to help the client�s business become more profitable. The client is grateful to Remote Staff for having provided him such a proactive and reliable addition to his team.


Flash Developer

Philip works as a flash developer for a client who owns a video editing solutions-provider company. He has recently completed development and delivered to the client a highly scalable/customizable video player (a.k.a. Webpresenter) that can be injected on all types of websites and can run on all types of Internet browsers. Aside from being the lead developer, the client has also tasked Philip to manage the project as a whole, including the infrastructure of Creativa and Webpresenter website, the architectural design of the application, the development of the application and encoding and testing of the presenters and its configuration. Despite the huge responsibility entrusted to Philip, the client has full confidence in his abilities and faith that he can ensure everything will be completed on schedule.


Web Designer

Romy's core skill is in design and front-end conversions. With Romy�s extensive background in web design, he has demonstrated the ability to bridge the creative and technical gaps encountered by the client, Ian, on site interface development projects that he and Romy jointly work on. Ian has this to say about Romy�s work, �The longer we work together, the more I see him deliver very good designs and concepts that I really like�and that�s a good thing for my business.� With the addition of Romy to his local team, Ian�s company is now on the fast track to doubling their capacities and increasing productivity.


Software Developer

Rowena works as a software developer for one of Remote Staff�s clients who operates a small BPO company. The client has taken note of her ability to learn new systems including her background in project management and desktop application development. This is why the client has entrusted to her the daily maintenance and enhancements on their existing CRM sites. With Rowena in charge, the client is assured that his CRM sites will have all the essential functionalities needed to effectively manage and convert leads into successful transactions for the business.