Marketing Staffs




This selection is a small sample of the hundreds of staff that are currently working with our clients, in most cases, for years.



Alicia is an expert telemarketer. Her dedication to her work shows in her perfect attendance record for the last three months. She is very energetic and loves how Remote Staff has improved her life particularly her health. She also believes that the tools to properly communicate with the clients are effectively in-place. Alicia sees herself doing telemarketing in the years to come.


Web Publishing Coordinator

Apreel is a brilliant content management specialist, well-versed in website publishing and always welcomes new responsibilities and challenges. Apreel's client has this to say about her: "works to a very high standard, very strong work ethic, highly efficient, learns new tasks quickly, excellent communicator, works well with minimum supervision and a pleasure to work with." Her genuine interest in dealing with people serves her well since she supervises and project manages some of the client's local Australian team in terms of content direction and quality. Apreel says that working from home is a unique experience - "By working from home, I can consistently be my best self as soon as I start my shift without putting on fancy clothes or makep."


Telesales Specialist

Armando's proficiency in telesales is at such a high level that within his first week he was up to speed with the sales results that the local experienced Australian staff in selling pyamicutical refill products. Armando is a numbers-oriented person who takes pride in his work as a professional telesales staff member.


SEO Specialist

Armil is a career-driven individual who thrives on success but also a passion to share his extensive knowledge on website searchability optimization and managing PPC campaigns. His client has not only benefitted through successful online marketing campaigns but is also gaining a great education in online marketing. Armil says that working in a home-based setup enables him to not only improve his skills as an SEO Specialist but it also means that not having to spend hours on public transport is allowing him to have more time with his family.


Marketing Assistant

Bryan's current position with his client, a small e-business owner, is as an Executive Virtual Assistant. His ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations along with his determination and persistance in working through and completing tasks, has led his client to rely on him as a virtual business consultant. His recent success in inviting many lawyers to attend his client's seminar events earned from his client strong commendations. He is currently involved in assisting his client to plan a sales strategy and also assistant-managing their cold-calling campaigns and appointment-settings with key IT decision makers to discuss business transaction opportunities.


Senior Graphic Designer

Cat's core competency is in print graphics and logo design. A highly skilled professional designer for over 6 years now, she also produces storyboards, does sound mixing and has ventured into flash animations and flash presentations. She is also has a strong interest in photography. Her client Nick says: "Cat's ability to grasp concepts and turn them into visual representations are second to none! As a staff member on my team, she possesses skills of the highest caliber."



Having already worked previously in another BPO company, Cherylle is already a proven and seasoned telemarketing and appointment setting professional. Remote Staff�s client Peta has commended Cherylle for the grace under pressure she exudes while handling calls with different types of customers, whether for residential, B2B or B2C telemarketing campaigns. Cherylle is recognised as one of the top performers in the client�s team, and is seen as a valuable contributor to the business� financial growth.


Telesales Specialist

Charlie's commitment to his career as a telemarketer has consistently seen him achieve his sales quota that his client is delighted in rewarding him with many commission and bonus payments. Always a good sign that someone's doing a good job! Charlie treats his career as a telemarketer very seriously that's why his client regards him as an exceptional telemarketer. Charlie's cold-calling ability to overcome gatekeepers while maintaining a positive attitude towards selling has made him an exceptional telemarketer. Full responsibility is given by the client to Charlie because he knows he can deliver a first rate service.


SEO Specialist

Cielo is fast generating more and more traffic for her client's website with her meta tag optimization, html and key words searching abilities. Her client loves the speed and efficiency in the way she executes new campaigns. She is driven to help her client 's website become number one in Google with keywords generating a highest ratio of conversions for the client.


SEO/SEM Specialist

Dorie works as a part-time SEO/SEM specialist for two different clients of Remote Staff, Tracy and Brijesh, who are operating an online gaming and cleaning business websites. Dorie has directly pulled in additional traffic for both websites because of her efforts in SEO/SEM research, link-building, meta tag optimization, management of Google Adwords campaigns, post campaigns analysis, etc. Both clients have been able to enjoy great results and notable returns by contracting Dorie as a part-timer.


SEO Specialist

With the use of effective advertisements and back links, Eden has generated much traffic to her clients' website. Likewise, her client's company's search engine results ranking have risen to impressive standings as a direct result of the original and artistic articles that Eden continually delivers. Her commitment to consitantly deliver output and progress reports on-time ensures that her client's business momentum continues to reach new heights.


Telesales Specialist

Emil's client loves his enthusiastic attitude towards work and his ability to deliver favorable results. His client trusts him fully because of his great ability to book 12 appointments daily and to meet his quota even with just very minimal supervision.


SEO Specialist

Froi's client is thrilled at how their website's site visibility and search engine placements increased exponentially due to Froi's strategically defined SEO requirements and his recommended site enhancements. Now, Froi's client holds him in high regard as an SEO guru and listens eagerly to the many viable SEO solutions that Froi provides for his business.


Marketing Assistant

Remote Staff's client calls Gerald a "gem". She's very satisfied with his displayed expertise in strategic marketing, sales management and business development. Gerald impressed the client with the first marketing plan he made, even if he was only working barely a month with her company. The client was amazed at the knowledge Gerald had and his ability to put together solid figures needed for the financials section of the marketing plan. He later created a few more marketing plans for her other businesses. Due to the effectiveness of those marketing plans, the client now regularly consults Gerald and regards him as a very important and highly-valued staff member of her team.


Telesales Specialist

Gerard works as a senior sales/appointment setter for Paul who is an IT solutions business owner. His seven strong years of sales experience in selling intangible products have helped him consistently meet the his client's required sales targets. Paul has come to rely on Gerard's capabilities and is looking to move him to a product technical support role, a higher position with more responsibilities, intended to help the client�s business gain more productivity and sustainability.


Telesales Specialist

As a telesales specialist, Iris has mastered selling her client's self-meditation learning audio product and has become very successful in selling it to customers over the phone. Her innovation has greatly improved the campaign sales scripts to the point that Iris can effortlessly answer all of the customers "unexpected questions" and then close the sale afterwards. The client is amazed at her level of self-motivation and is delighted at how Iris challenges herself to close a sale everyday, which at the end of the day brings in sustainable revenues for the client.


SEO Specialist

Ivan expertise has seen him over time to consistently bring in hits to the client's website and increase the sales conversion ratio. Ivan's client loves his focus and results-oriented attitude to improving their online presence and all Ivan's hard work in link building, data management is generating a great return on advertising revenue investments.


Telesales Specialist

At first, Jay's client Alan feared that their remote working relationship would never work because he was so used of working with staff just beside him especially with admin related tasks. In a short period of time, Jay removed Allan fears by proving that their virtual work setup can still achieve the desired results and outcomes. Jay has effectively converted calls into sales and demonstrated a high level of flexibility with his outbound telemarketing efforts. As a result, Alan has recognized and rewarded Jay with substantial bonuses for the hard work and contributions in a recent special campaign drive.


SEO Specialist

Unlike other marketing methods, the opportunity to use social networking to market your business is a very proactive way to reach out to your market. The client has hired Jerome to enhance his website's social media presence by building strategic links to generate new sources of traffic to the site. The client�s company now enjoys an enriched public prominence and has gained better publicity as a result of Jerome�s efforts to spread their online presence and visibility in different social networking websites.


SEO Specialist

Jonnalyn�s client John considers her as �a very helpful staff who not only delivers what is asked of her but delivers exactly what the business needs.� The client likewise said she is a very good addition to his team, who knows how to meet a client�s expectations and keep them satisfied. Jonnalyn�s well-rounded SEO skills ensure that the client�s 3 main websites and 3 main blog sites are consistently ranked among the top tier search engine results for maximum visibility and increased traffic.


Telesales Specialist

Juanito has achieved the high monthly sales targets and expectations set by the client. The client has likewise seen many effective improvements due to Juanito�s recommendations like report generation, quality assurance and on-line testing on landing pages, and these in turn have produced significant cost savings for the company.



Kate's knack for building rapport with clients during calls with former customers has led to an incease in repeat business transactions on the client's software solution products. The client is impressed with Kate's level of commitment to his company and has commended track record of always being on time. It's no surprise that Kate is currently being groomed by the client to become a full-time member of his customer support team.



Kristine is handling inbound calls from patients and booking them for their doctor's appointments. The client has been getting a lot of messages of appreciation and positive feedack from satisfied customers. Kristine's professionalism and dedication has generated a lot of goodwill for the client's company and has also directly resulted in new business development opportunities for the client can capitalize on.



Krys works as a telemarketer/customer support rep for one of Remote Staff's clients. Working for just a month now, Krys has learned to foster friendly relations with potential customers during calls which helps her get the inside track much more quickly than other telemarketers in the client's team. Just recently, the client commended Krys for doing a great job in helping close a sale. She was recognised for being one of the most promising new telemarketers and a valuable addition to the client's team.



The client has already seen Mark consistently prove how well rounded his capacities are as a telemarketer. His stamina and resilience have helped him juggle and complete tasks assigned by the client, whether it�s calling customers to invite them to Information Technology to Retirement Exhibits, or extracting leads from online sources and updating the information on the database. With someone like Mark, the client is assured of having a proactive and very dependable telemarketing specialist on his team.



Mae calls the client's customers and offer them exhibit stands or on other campaigns called to ask them to attend events. Mae closes deals and is very much valued by John, the client, especially whenever she consistently exceeds the set daily sales targets. During campaigns where the targets were 2 sales per day, Mae has demonstrated an uncanny capacity to close 4 to 6 sales per day. With Mae's proven track record of exceeding expectations, the client is now well positioned to surpass his sales goals for this year and is on track to achieving his business objectives.


Marketing Assistant

Mera works as a virtual assistant for an online gym equipment storeowner. Her first-rate skills in researching information and facts are used to write product item descriptions and reviews, have helped the client maintain its website�s search engine ranking and have helped generate added sales from customers browsing online.


SEO Specialist

Myla�s skills in researching/analyzing keywords, developing SEO strategies and managing Google AdWords have optimized the client�s site search engine ranking, coverage and traffic. Nick is very thankful to Remote Staff for providing him with such a staff that has the great ability to plan and steer his online SEM campaigns to success.


SEO Specialist

Neil is driven to help the client�s company reach new levels of search results and higher ranking for maximum online visibility. The client says Neil shows potential to become a valuable asset and contributor to the company�s productivity.