Office Staffs




This selection is a small sample of the hundreds of staff that are currently working with our clients, in most cases, for years.


Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant Anna handles a number of varying tasks each day, from back-office admin activites and responding to and sending emails and forwarding to the client only the important emails. Anna also keeps the client on top of her busy schedule by managing her appointments calendar.


Admin Assistant

Carmelle is a reliable virtual assistant. She consistently submits work on time and has helped her clients to save on their operating costs. Her inventiveness and resourcefulness led to her being promoted to administrative assistant in a short span of time. She has also proved to be a valuable team member for her client. Carmelle claims she learned a lot from Remote Staff and was able to attend webinars/seminars that furthered her abilities to service her client's needs.


Personal Assistant

Charisse is considered as a personal/executive assistant for her client Steve. She monitors emails, serves as the company's receptionist and is very effective in keeping the communication open between the company and the clients. Her role has emphasized the importance of keeping constant communication with members of her client's database. Her client has learned to depend on her so much that if she's not on top of things with her client's appointments, the client would have a hard time catching up with his day. At times when her client would give her tasks beyond her daily to-dos, the client is often surprised when she delivers in a timely manner. Steve is very grateful that Remote Staff found his perfect assistant for him.


Admin Assistant

Charrie started as a telemarketer booking appointments but her intuition and eye for details brought her a new role as an Administrative Assistant. She now excels in handling the clients' MIS (Management Information System). A key responsibility is to generate progress reports so his client has all the critical information needed to build a new level of momentum for his business.


Communications Manager

Gwenn is considered by the client as more than just an ordinary virtual assistant. Her commitment to work, enthusiasm to learn new skills and willingness to extend her work hours led to the client giving Gwenn the role of Communications Manager. Gwenn makes sure that the client's website is up and running, and thoroughly checks if all the client's events are posted and promoted at the website. The client is very excited to have such a quality team member working remotely as an extension of her local team. The client now has full trust in Gwenn to implement a system designed to help the client's business become more productive and sustainable.


Virtual Assistant

Greg is a Remote Staff client who runs several different businesses and often finds himself short of time, and has hired Jeanette as his virtual assistant from Remote Staff. Jeanette's ability to multi-task, understand spontaneous instructions, work on it and complete them within the shortest turnaround time possible has created a reputation within the client's company as being a "super-assistant". This kind of proactive attitude by Jeanette is very much appreciated by the client and is one of the reasons why the client is getting through a large volume of work.


Virtual Assistant

Jeanette is seen as a very responsible virtual assistant, self-reliant and can work without supervision. Jeanette works with Remote Staff�s client Judith. Jeanette's attitude has made it really easy to work remotely with her client and as a result, Judith has more time to focus on the strategic side of her business. Jeanette�s ability to self-study and absorb critical information has helped her become a valuable contributor by setting up the client�s websites and promoting their niche marketing services.


Virtual Assistant

Kim helps Remote Staff's client Sue to run an Australian online membership site for women who want to start their own home business or who run their own enterprise. In her role as the client's virtual assistant, Kim uses her various skills in website development, graphic design and her knowledge in Marketing and E-commerce to help build the client's business. Kim says working from home has been good and it allows her great flexibility and the time to do other things such as learning a third language like Mandarin. The client has nothing but praises for Kim's capacity to handle website publishing coordination and web graphic design and development as well.


Personal Assistant

According to one of Remote Staff�s clients, Mara is a very proactive virtual assistant who uses her resourcefulness to multi-task yet still deliver output with very effective results. The client gets a lot of work done and never loses track with the day�s happenings since Mara is there to constantly ensure that the client�s appointments calendar and flight bookings are updated daily. All in all, the client is very grateful and appreciative to have a dependable asset like Mara as part of his team.


Virtual Assistant

Marie started her career as a virtual assistant handling data processing tasks for legal sites but now she stays on top of editing and maintaining the content quality of the client�s articles. Anna helps the client focus on more strategic aspects of his business by her capacity to work independently but still deliver output that is expected of her.


Virtual Assistant/Researcher

Monette is very thorough in doing research on target-markets' demographics so that the client�s social media campaigns are on-strategy. A very candid individual, Monette relates and communicates well with customers thus, reducing the amount of time needed by the client to get hands-on involved in managing the company�s Facebook and Twitter accounts. As a result, the client has more free time to monitor productivity levels and ensure business goals get achieved faster.


Data Entry Specialist

Sheryl works as a data entry specialist for Remote Staff�s client Michael but has been given a lot more responsiblities such as data research, email sending, article writing, article spinning and posting replies to the company's online marketing site forum. With her dedication to always deliver results that meet the client�s expectations (sometimes working 10 straight hours daily to ensure completion of important tasks), the client�s business productivity levels rose to notable heights. Michael is very much appreciative of the excellent value of Sheryl�s output and her value as a staff member with his team.


Research Assistant

Shiela works as a Research Assistant for Remote Staff�s client Steve. She does call outs, market research and is great with communicating with both prospects and current customers. Her role highlights the significance of maintaining contact with customers. Steve appreciates the fact, that he saves a lot of time and effort with Shiela, since he does not have to constantly supervise her and spoon-feed her with instructions daily. Shiela has proved her mettle as an assistant to Steve, that�s why the client has decided to expand her role and provide her more responsibilities that will definitely help Steve�s business meet its goals much sooner than originally planned.


Virtual Assistant

Stephanie works as a Virtual Assistant for Remote Staff's client Simon. her great communication skills and ability to take on multiple rush-deadline tasks has endeared her to the client, who often commends her for a "truly fantastic" job done. Stephanie's efforts have directly saved Simon time and helped the company become more focused and more productive. The client expressed his satisfaction with Stephanie by saying, "she is an asset to anyone's company and I'm glad Remote Staff found her for me."


Virtual Assistant

Remote Staff�s client Wendy is very happy with how Teresa has helped her manage and handle the administrative side of her online mentoring program service. Wendy says Teresa has done an excellent job writing content and handling other tasks assigned to her. Likewise, Teresa�s love for her work has influenced her to produce writing output that directly helped bring in more audiences to the client�s site. The client�s website search results ranking improved as a result of Teresa�s published newsletters, online articles and special e-reports. With such a reliable virtual assistant, Wendy is now looking ahead as she steers her company towards reaching its goals for 2010


Virtual Assistant

More than just a virtual assistant, Remote Staff's client Steven considers Twinkle as his Client Service Assistant. This client has especially recognised at how Twinkle has been beneficial to his business and how she makes his life easier. Her consistent updating of his websites' content and database with correct information of clients and contacts, she helped save Steven at least a month's work and also saved him a huge amount of money.



Rose works as a virtual bookkeeper for one of Remote Staff�s clients. She is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the client�s e-financials system by regularly updating and reconciling figures. Rose helps the client save time and money and enables the client to provide the right and the best financial advice possible for its business customers. The client now enjoys a heightened sense of security and productivity knowing that he has someone like Rose in his team. As a result, his company is now on track to achieving many of its planned sales goals.