Remote Staff

Who We Are

Since 2007, Remote Staff has helped over 8,000 Filipinos establish remote working careers with more than 2,000 employers from around the world.

The Problem

It’s hard to gain security and financial stability working online on your own.

  1. You spend most of your time looking for clients to hire you.
  2. You get no benefits, you get no support – you’re on your own.
  3. You are given no notice of termination.
  4. Your salary is subject to losses from currency changes.
  5. You are not part of the team, you’re viewed as a service supplier.
  6. You’re either overworked because of high work volume or suffering through long gaps of unemployment periods.
  7. You handle your timekeeping, invoicing and other job-related admin tasks on your own.
  8. Not everyone wants to set up their own business just to be able to work from home.
  9. You are working under constant time constraints as a freelancer.
  10. You are always at risk of delayed payments or not getting paid at all.
  11. It’s hard to trust employers who are thousands of miles away
  12. Most likely, you won’t be able to connect with direct hire employers

Case Study

Marc Marbella

Marc MarbellaEstimator

What We Did

  • His client trusts him enough to let him work on a flexible schedule
  • He has more time to devote to his family and friends
  • He was able to increase his investments in various stock portfolios
  • He has developed a genuine friendship with his client with whom he often engages in long non-work related conversations

Our Solutions

  • We actively help you get a remote job on our platform and provide job matching services
  • We schedule and facilitate interviews between you and our clients
  • We guarantee every hour worked on our platform is paid for
  • We take care of payroll in peso, deposited directly into your bank account
  • We will handle your timekeeping, invoicing, overtime, leaves, commissions, bonuses and any other type of payments.

Our Services

  1. Talent Matching Service
  2. Digital Staffing Platform
  3. Remote Working Tech
  4. Ongoing Support

Our Clients

We service the SOHO entrepreneurs and SME’s mostly across Australia, New Zealand, England, America and Canada

  • Maria is a godsend for us. We are so pleased with her attention to detail and how well she has picked up the required tasks.

    Australian design company

  • We’re very impressed with Sandra’s performance and how quickly she’s learned our systems.

    New Zealand healthcare company

  • Jennifer communicates very well and is a fantastic addition to our team.

    Operations Manager
    Australian healthcare company


What you can gain by becoming a qualified remote worker

  • Security and peace of mind
  • You can gain 1 month of time back every year from time lost commuting to and from the office
  • City salaries wherever you’re located
  • We negotiate on your behalf for pay increases

Case Study

Marc Marbella

Rachelle GonzalesData Entry Specialist

What We Did

  • She is now able to send her children to a private school
  • She earns more working from home than in her previous office based job
  • She can now afford to take her family on trips throughout the Philippines
  • She quickly got promoted to team leader and trainer for an Auinsurance company
Remote Staff

Our Brand Promise

To Empower remote working relationships Every remote working relationship matters to us


We are excited to help you get a remote job!

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