How sub contracted staff work with remote staff international clients:

At Remote Staff we understand that distance has become irrelevant when it comes to working in the 21st century, thanks mainly to Remote Staff's technologies and HR services. Today, regardless if you're working from a home office location half way around the world, you will find working from home offers much the same career growth and opportunities traditionally found only within an office environment.

Below are a list of expectations to make working from home a professional experience for
both clients and staff. Also learn more about how Remote Staff negotiates contractor wages.


  • Log online to the Remote Staff Sub Con Portal and on Skype...and you�re officially present for the day. It's that simple, your commute time is only a few seconds walking from your bedroom to your private home office desk;
  • You will be working on a fixed structured schedule and expected to start working on particular start and finish time each day. If you will be late (for any reason), you need to inform the Client-Staff Relations Officer on-duty at least one hour before start of your shift, either via SMS, phone call or via e-mail
  • You will need to login to the Remote Staff online timesheet and Remote Staff Screen Capture system. We use the timesheets and screen shots as a main reference for organizing payroll;
  • If you will be absent (for whatever reason), you need to inform Client-Staff Relations Officer on-duty at least two hours before start of your shift, either via SMS, phone call or via e-mail;
  • You will be using a number of online communication tools like Skype and other tools to transfer large files, share your screen for meetings and online collaborations tools. If you don�t know already, you will soon find out that you could work just as well from a remote location as you might by working from an office location using many online management and communication tools.
  • Overtime you will be such a master of using the many online tools that you would find working online faster, smarter and better way to get your work and job done compared to any face to face meetings in an office;
  • If you require assistance on any work or cultural issues with your client, you could contact any of the Remote Staff Client-Staff relations Officer on-duty. At Remote Staff, our job is to foster lasting relationships between you and our clients;
  • You are allowed two 10-minute quick breaks (coffee-break) and a one-hour lunch break every day if needed; (for full time contracts only)
  • Unlike typical office setups, working from home provides you the luxury of being able to reconnect with your family (e.g. wife, kids, etc.) during your coffee breaks or lunch break which results in better work-life balance. Please note: you should educate those living with you that they are not to approach of bother you for anything during working hours. This discipline is needed so your focus on the job during working hours;
  • Any questions with regards to attendance compliance, systems and pay will be addressed directly to the Staff Client Relations Officer;
  • Make sure your private room (or space) provides you optimum and undivided focus so that you can get your assigned tasks done in time. Keep noise pollution at a minimal or nonexistent (e.g. baby crying on the background, dogs barking and motor noises).

  • Working from home means quite literally, your internet connection and working computer is your lifeline to the job, so always check your equipment and your internet connection daily. You will need 1.0mbps download and 0.35mbps upload internet connection speed to maintain a quality work from home experience;
  • Remote Staff works on a no work, no pay policy. So, for every absence (or tardiness), you will receive deductions on your monthly pay; You are only paid for the hours and days you worked but this doesn�t mean that you can only work when you want to. To sustain a longer and lasting work from home career and relationship with our clients you are expected to have a very good work attendance;
  • Contractors who work with Australian clients need to be online around 6 AM or 7 AM ,UK clients between 4 PM or 5 PM and for US clients (depending on East- or West-coast location and also daylight savings time adjustments), will be on nightshift from 9pm or midnight starting times;
  • As soon as you have login to the Remote Staff Sub Con Portal, you can start working. The portal has a built-in function that captures screenshots of your computer activity. This function is not intended to snoop on you, but more specifically intended to provide transparency to the client , to better manage your daily tasks efficiently and prove to clients you are in fact working;
  • This portal will also ask you to update and fill the activity tracker every 20 to 30 minutes. The activity tracker note summary will be sent to the client at the end of the working hours. This will give the client a general and overall idea of what has been accomplished for the day.
  • For some night shift contractors, some international clients may require use of web cam screenshots so to confirm that you are in fact working in a peak condition and not half asleep;
  • Effective and instant communication helps build trust in any working relationship, for this reason we have a Skype 3 minute response rule in place to facilitate both client and staff relationships are establish and work momentum is achieved;
  • You will be working directly with the client and will not be project managed by Remote Staff. This means that any input or feedback with regards to the way you work or how you think you should be does the job etc. should be communicated directly with the client. This is a very important step towards developing a good working relationship with your client and to be able to manage your clients professional expectations they may have with you regarding the job;
  • Ensure that your work resources are in place and functional before the beginning of any working day because issues like problematic internet connections, power outages and computer crashes puts your working relationship with the client at risk. As a sub contractor, you're expected to find ways to manage your home work environment
  • The stress and pressures you might find working from an office will still be noticeable when working from home because the professional expectations and responsibilities in doing the job is still the same, regardless of where you are working from;


Contractor's wages can only be negotiated in the initial interview process of hire and must be agreed to and accepted before you commit to Remote Staff as an independent contractor and sign your contract. This is important because we will start marketing you at this agreed to price point and client will be making decisions to hire you because of that price point. You cannot renegotiate the terms of your contract after the interview process especially once commencing work for a client because it is a deal breaker. Imagine buying a product expecting to pay $1 and getting to the check out and finding it to cost $1.50. However, after six months of continued work for a client you will be given a review which will give you the chance to put forward your case to renegotiate your wages, if you can demonstrate you are adding above and beyond value to your job. This does not guarantee you a pay increase because performing a good job is the minimum that Remote Staff expects of our contractors. In saying this, Remote Staff has witnessed that some clients will give bonuses and pay increases to staff who are continually performing to a high standard. In addition to your 6month review if you have worked for one whole year with the same client you will be entitled to a 5% pay increase only if you have not received any pay increases during this year.

All wages for contractors working for Remote Staff are calculated using real Filipino market labour rates. We do not pay inflated western market rates you may find on freelancing project-based type of work which are unrealistic and non competitive in the global landscape. Just like in the hotel industry, rates for rooms differ from a day rate, to a weekly rate, to a monthly rate and to a yearly rate. Unlike freelancers or project-based workers who only deal with short-term projects, Remote Staff only deal with long term work based on part-time or fulltime positions, therefore our pay rates are calculated on real Filipino market labour rates. If your hourly rates are too high you will out position yourself in the competitive global labour market, which will also disable the ability for Remote Staff to market you as a candidate.
At present Remote Staff has hundreds of staff that are contracted out to clients at Filipino Labour market rates and these are the rates that Remote Staff pay contractors. 

For Remote Staff to run a successful global business we need to add our fixed margins on top of your wages. Our margins we offer to clients are fixed and do not differentiate between wages paid for your skill level and experience. What is important to understand is that these fixed margins are essential to how we survive as a labour hire company and without them we would not be able to attract new clients, offer you opportunities and provide the services that are expected of us by the client.

These margins contribute to covering the costs of some of the following:

In addition to covering these costs of the services we provide is the fact that Remote Staff has spent millions of dollars from its inception to the current day and it is important that they to have a return of investment to ensure Remote Staff is a financially sustainable and successful company that can continue to operate as a stable company that home based professionals can work from.
All these reasons combined require Remote Staff to add fixed margins to the cost of your wages and we hope that you understand and respect these facts. Just because we are a foreign company dealing in Labour hire BPO industries does not mean we will pay unrealistic rates as this would jeopardise the foundations of what has helped to make Remote Staff a competitively priced staffing solution to so many of it's clients and inturn has helped prospective candidates to achieve a long lasting career as a home based professional.