Questions from Jobseekers:


Can you give me work from home?

Yes, 80% of the Remote Staff job openings are for working professionally from home. As long as you're qualified and have the skill set we need then you definitely can start working form home with Remote Staff. Most positions we offer are roles that are phone and computer based. Check our Job Openings Now

How will I start working for Remote Staff as a contractor? How do I apply online?

It all starts by you first completing your resume details on our website. Go to or Register Here first.

Fill out the form as detailed as you can. Attach a quick voice recording introducing your self and your work background and upload some portfolio samples. Having a complete profile will put you on top or our priority list and speed up your application process.

What are the benefits of this job?

You will be working from home and you will be getting the same career growth as what you can expect working from a traditional office location. If not even more growth because our internal clients expect more from our contractors. In fact, they are much quicker in giving you the responsibilities that will help you achieve faster career growth and development of new skills. Working from home means:

  • More time for your family.
  • More time to learn new skills.
  • Resources spent in getting to and from an office work everyday is saved.
  • Other resources normally spent in an office based job (lunch , clothing, coffee with work mates etc.) is minimized.

How can I get my PAY? How can I be compensated? How much can I earn?

Just like with any company, pay offers depends on a lot of factors such as your skills, past work experiences and position you're applying for. We pay much the same as what you can expect to get paid working from any office in the Philippines.Your first pay will be paid monthly via your nominated Philippine bank account. On your 2nd month pay, we will organize a visa payroll account for you with Sterling Bank of Asia. We pay on the last day of every month or the 1st & 2nd day of the following month.

How does this kind of job work? Is it the same as a call-center agent job?

You will be working autonomously from home but will be working directly with our clients in the USA, AUS, UK & CAN. You will be expected to work from home professionally and effectively the way you work in an office-based setup, doing and performing your daily work task. When it’s your time to start work and finish work, our clients expect that you are in fact working.

We have a transparency and management system our clients will use to work with you. The client will be able to view screen shots every 3 minutes of your working day and every 20-30 minutes, activity notes will need to be completed for our clients to see. These tools help confirm that you are in fact remotely working, you are on front of your computer and that you are in fact making progress.

Is there a registration fee?

We do not have any registration fee in place. It’s free to register as a jobseeker.

How will the online work start?

Once shortlisted by the recruitment and hiring team, interview between you and our client will be set up via Skype. The client will have a final say on whether to take you on board or not. If interview is successful, a start date is determined. The letter of offer and contract will be sent through to you to review and sign. When all the papers are in, you will be given access to the system and can start working remotely and communicate directly with out client.

Can I still keep my current job and be a contractor with Remote Staff to earn extra income on the side?

We review all applications individually. There are applicants whom we deem as qualified and skilled enough to manage 2 jobs but most are not. We prefer all applicants who want to work with us to be 100% focused and servicing our clients 100%. Often, if you have a part-time job working for our clients, it’s ok to have another part-time job working somewhere else. Every hour that is worked for our clients is expected that you have no other pending unrelated work task other than the work you need to focus in serving our clients.

Can I work there in Australia or wherever the client is?

No. It's a remote work setup. There are cases when a client invites their staff to come on-shore for training but these cases are rare and only done when necessary. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology that will make working from home remotely a professional and sustainable career move for you.

How will I know if I'm hired?

A letter of offer and contract will be sent to your e-mail along with a confirmation phone-call from our hiring officer.

What are the company's policies?

A copy of our contract is on the JobSeeker Portal. It is very detailed, this will give you a better understanding of how we work.

Register Now or Log in HERE as a job seeker to view our contract in details.

Am I qualified for this opportunity to work with Remote Staff clients?

If you can speak functional English, have a private room to work from at home, have DSL internet speed of 1.0 mbps download and 0.35mbps upload, desire to work from home and proven experience for the position you are applying for, then yes, you are qualified.

Are you willing to give more information about your ad?

Yes. If you have any question about any of the job ads, please email

Do I need experience and do you do training on the job?

We prefer applicants who have direct experience of at least 2 years similar or identical to the position they're applying for . Since this is a work from home setup, we need staff members who are able to pick up instructions and tasks easily.

Training are done directly by our client with the assumption that you have a background or experience with the job role. Our clients are often very busy and would not be in a position to invest hours and hours in training you on the job, they expect our contracted staff to be able to do the job, or be a quick learner.

Do we have a job for Filipino experts?

Yes, we now have contracted hundreds of Filipino contractors to work with our clients. Please check the Job Openings here. This is updated daily. If nothing is available for you as of the moment, please register as a jobseeker so we can contact you when a position fitting your background and skills set becomes available. We often serve many new clients each month.

I have limited information on this kind of opportunity. Am I an employee or a small business owner?

You will be an independent contractor. An independent contractor is responsible for taking care of their own SSS, PhilHealth and any other benefits you may need to service. You technically are not an employee , but a contractor providing "paid" service to us as per our agreement.

Does a Remote Staff contractor need to stay in Manila?

So long as you have DSL internet connection with a download speed of 1.0 mbps and upload speed of 0.35 mbps, you can stay and work from any part of the Philippines. Also, so long as there is no power outage problems. Whether this be Manila, Cebu, Baguio , Davao etc.

What job positions can I work and earn at home?

Any phone- and computer-based role like Web Developer, SEO, Writer, Telemarketer, Virtual assistant, Web Designer and any other type of designer. Any job that needs you to be physically present isn’t something we could offer you.

Can I apply for any jobs advertised?

Yes, so long as you are qualified to do the job and feel confident in working with our clients. Often, our clients do have high expectations.

Will the client accept me as an applicant even if I'm just a high school graduate or college level student?

This depends on a number of factors. Often, there are many people who are self-educated or educated on the job with their experience. If you feel you are capable in your field and can deliver a quality output of work, please apply.

Does the client treat its employees fairly?

We have an invested interest in treating all contracted staff fairly.

Do you offer flexi-time jobs ?

When we mix flexi-time with autonomy, the staff (who is already working from home) would often become very complacent and too relaxed. As a result, performance is affected and for that reason we make sure we work on a fixed time schedule with all staff. A fixed time schedule also helps us deliver on our company promise that staff will start work on time, will be online working and focused at doing the job. Structured schedule provides consistency to the clients which often guarantees a long term work relationship.

Can a nurse be in your staff?

We do not offer any jobs that require a physical presence with the client. Only jobs that can be done working over the phone or computer with the internet are hired as Remote Staff contractors.

Is there any office work or are all the jobs from home?

Most job openings are home-based but there are individual clients sometimes who require their staff to work from office locations. Most clients who seek staff to work in an office are often those clients needing to put together a group of telemarketers over 25+ staff in an office in one go.

Can I really build a career with Remote Staff as a contractor? I have to offer financial support for my family?

Yes, you can. Clients we seek are often those who would see Remote Staff as a key staffing supplier to partner with over the long-term for their business staffing needs. Our first staff ever contracted is still working right now with the same client, many years later.

Do I need to work on weekends?

In most cases, no, but there are some clients from the start of the contract that have a need for their staff to work on weekends. This is per client's individual needs. Otherwise, most of the contracted staff are working Monday to Friday.

Can I work 2 or 3 days in a week?

We only offer full-time work at 40 hours per week, Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm, 1 hour lunch-break on client’s time zone. Part-time is 4 hours a week, 9am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm, Mon to Fri at 20 hours per week.

Where is the company located?

The Remote Staff group of companies has representation in Australia with Think Innovations trading as Remote Staff, Remote Staff Limited trading in UK, and Remote Staff Limited trading in the USA.