Remote Staff business model has been built on the knowledge that having all work done from an office didn't necessarily add extra value to the quality of work, particularly with those that don't rely heavily on constant collaboration between coworkers or when the staff count is small. Many of these job functions could have just as easily been completed from home and nobody would be the wiser for it and this is why our core business model is focused at offering home base staffing solutions.

But as Remote Staff and our clients continue to grow we need to adapt to the changes brought about by our success by opening the new office. After 4 years of working 100% in the virtual work landscape we found it refreshing to be able to work from an office. We have clearly notice how much faster strategically as a team we have able to move as well as get everyone working together in sync has been generally much easier to accomplish.

As we grow in staff numbers it has become much easier to drive larger teams all in the same direction from an office, but smaller teams could easily be managed remotely. As a result, we see value in both working environments depending on the size of your operation and depending on the number of departments within your business. Our own experience working with Remote contractors in a virtual setting has demonstrated clearly how both these working environments could be best applied as your business grows in size.

We would like to share with you some of the milestones that we have realized in benefiting from the virtual and office set ups. Please see below 7 ways in how we have applied the benefits of both working environments. We hope this information will help you be better informed to make the right decision in work virtually or office-based with your team.

Office location:
27th floor, Trafalgar Plaza building, Salcedo Village, Makati, Philippines.

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1. The new office means strategic changes that will transform our operations and improve our ability to deliver an even better service to our clients.

As we grow beyond a team of 400 and towards our goal of 1,000 contractors, we have seen and experienced various management scenarios and situations that have allowed us to clearly identify where we are strongest and where there was room for improvement. Issues unique to our virtual setup were discovered, such as the challenges to the overall effectiveness of communication and collaboration from departments with teams larger than fifteen members. This prompted the decision to have the management and support team work from the office while other departments remain to continue working from their own home-based environments.

Although we have already managed to overcome many of the hurdles in running a virtual organization, the new office will boost our in-house management's performance and lift our overall standards of each department so that we can constantly deliver on our service promise of cost-effective and reliable staff you could have working for you over the long term.


2. Contractors will now be able to meet your performance expectations sooner than ever before.

Newly-hired staff located in Manila will have the option to initially work for free from the office for up to one month before transitioning to their own home office locations. This new process is designed to ensure that clients get the very best start with their new Remote Staff contractors.

At the office, we will teach the new hires our proven work techniques and best remote staffing practices unique to the Philippines. Our communication managers will be around to bring the new staff up to speed and help both you and your staff become effective working as a true remote team. This is another level of involvement we are happy to make in order to ensure that the remote staffing solution will work for your business.

3. Improved coordination between our departments means better services for you.

Remote Staff’s customer support team will be working from the new office because we understand that if small issues are not addressed promptly they could easily become serious problems.  Your enquiries will be answered when you need them to be and on the first call without having to be bounced around from agent to agent. This new set up will help reduce if not eliminate delays in addressing customer issues and means better collaboration and communication between staff, clients and departments.

  1. Offer our offshore staff lifetime rehiring opportunities.
  2. Guarantee that if they work an hour they are paid an hour at the end of every month in their local currency.
  3. Never delay payroll.
  4. Pay the standard award labor rates.
  5. Provide opportunities to generate tremendous career growth with our international clients.

Remote Staff has a vested interest to assist staff to build a successful professional home-based career.

From aclient perspective:

Knowing that you have committed staff gives you the confidence to invest your precious time and energy into the working relationship avoiding extensive time loses on your behalf. This increases the opportunity for this virtual staffing solution being successfully implemented by your business thereby positioning you to take full advantage of global staffing solutions.
Like with any new relationship, we have seen our clients and staff slowly develop trust in each other after the first month of working together. During this time our customer support service, available and accessible via the phone or online, assists in any circumstance relating to the following:

  1. Access to tools and resources you can utilize to make this remote set up work more efficiently and effectively in your business.
  2. Attendance and compliance issues of your staff.
  3. Culture and work style differences.
  4. Any suggestions and recommendations you feel we may have overlooked.
  5. Relationship transparency and support with the Remote Staff Sub Contractor Management system (client portal).
  6. Hiring new a staff member or staff replacement.
  7. Schedule changes.
  8. Overtime requests (if you want your staff to work more than the agreed hours)
  9. Contract cancellations/terminations/Staff replacement guarantee.
  10. Invoices and accounts

Overall, knowing that Remote Staff has a vested interest in assisting you make this staffing solution work for your business, will give you the assurance to know that if anything goes wrong we will be here to help find the solution. With Remote Staff, you can feel more confident and have a peace of mind in making the decision to hire someone from aboard that your business can totally trust, depend and rely upon. Distance is no longer an issue.


4. You now have a place with all the flexibility you would need to work, collaborate and meet with your contracted staff on a permanent or need per use basis.

  • Your team could collaborate, start on a new project and get them energized and prepared for a new direction.
  • Increase communication and collaboration effectiveness by having the staff meet face to face once or twice a month.
  • Those working on night shifts or even day shift can come in once a week or fortnight and clear the air, so to speak. By mixing the work environment between home and office, you are able to alleviate the feeling of isolation that could sometimes be felt by those who work exclusively from home;
  • When natural calamities such as typhoon happen, during power outages and lack of internet connection may occur, staff could work from the office to prevent missed day of worked.

  • We have a training room that has a large projector that can be connected to the internet and could accommodate up to 25 people.
  • A boardroom that could accommodate up to 10 people.
  • Our office has more than generous space for cubicles at more than 1. 2 x 0.7 meters per table and soundproof foaming in each table as well noise-cancellation headsets.
  • The office has 85-seat capacity.


5. We qualify applicants by conducting daily Remote Ready Orientation Seminars.

It has come as no surprise to us why the Philippines is now the most preferred cost effective offshore labor hiring destination in the world. Hiring people in the Philippines remotely has achieved some spectacular results for hundreds of our business clients and has become their competitive edge and new source of increased profit margins.

Remote Staff is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this global trend: The Filipino people are our specialty and our greatest resource at Remote Staff and with the establishment of our physical headquarters, we could now conduct Remote Ready Orientation Seminars to attract highly-skilled applicants ready to establish firm commitments with you.

With these seminars we aim to fully-prepare applicants to work with international employer expectations as well as making sure they are ready for the responsibilities of working professionally from home.


6. Remote Staff is in the best position to find you the right person for the job

The new office has already made a big difference to many applicant’s confidence in pursuing a career with Remote Staff clients. All candidates in most job categories and skill levels are priced competitively and are of tremendous value between $4 to $12 per hour. Now with an even greater pool of talent than ever before, Remote Staff is definitely your best choice to hire the right offshore staff your business could truly depend and rely on.

Soon we will be significantly increasing the number of Ready-To-Hire staff profiled on our website to 800 people. At present, there are between 200-300 people on our list who are on standby for interviewed by prospective clients.

In addition to the Ready-To-Hire list, we will also be profiling 10,000 people on another list that we will soon announce. These new lists are part of the 50,000 people we have prescreened over the last 4 years in whom we see tremendous value but whose availability requires confirmation.


7. The Filipino people working from home are our specialty and our greatest resource at Remote Staff. The new office is a new tool to facilitate an even better delivery of our services.

Providing Filipinos with an opportunity to work professionally from home has always been our mission at Remote Staff. Unlike in other parts of the world where public vehicles arrive and depart at specific schedules, drivers of Philippine buses and jeepneys wait until their vehicles are filled to capacity before they depart, thereby turning what would have been a 30-minute ride into a two hour commute. Also people are exposed to pollution and consistently hot weather on top of crazy commuting rules and 3rd world infrastructure. We hope you could see why offering the chance to work from home is such a powerful motivations for the Filipino people and why it has helped us attract so many quality staff over the years.

Without a doubt we know we are making a tremendous difference to over 400 people's lives. The inconveniences associated with working from an office setting across the Philippines results in a large number of staff coming in at least 2 days a week completely tired and not in the best condition to work. Another major point as to why we retain our focus in contracting home-based staff even though we now have an office is because the Philippine labor is roughly 70% more cost-effective compared to that of western countries, but office rental cost were slightly lower than in the U.S or even Australia. And even more surprising is that the bills associated with the office cost could in many cases be higher such as power bills. For Remote Staff, this means having staff working exclusively from an office would affect our ability to offer globally competitive staff prices our clients have enjoyed from us for so long. All these elements such as perfect work-life balance found when working from home, higher job satisfaction and increased productivity have resulted in very dedicated staff we offer to our clients over the many years. In fact some of the first people we have placed to work with our clients are still remaining loyal three and a half years later, demonstrating how strong our retention rates are with home-based staffing.