Let's Hear it from the Pinoy Professionals:

Ask any RemoteStaff.com.ph contractor and they'll tell you that there's absolutely no reason not to find professional satisfaction and fulfillment from a home based career. In fact, Filipino Professionals consider offshore work as a great new way to broaden their career options. Here's what some Filipino remote staff would like to say:


"I have to confess I have been unbelievably impressive working as a sub contractor with Remote Staff. Not to be a suck-up (excuse my term) but REALLY..my Remote Staff experience is just the most satisfying job experience I have ever had. I never experienced a delay with my payroll which is the very,very important. The in-house staff are very (virtually) approachable, totally an open-door management policy.

Having a VA job seems to be an unfulfilling job for some because you just got to stay home and sit in front of your computer, click that mouse, type something, call someone to sell something..It's true I get to do all that (not yet on hard core selling though) but it's not at all unfulfilling or a no-brainer. In fact, it's challenging and if you think you need a "chill-ax"(slang: chill-relax) job then Remote Staff is not for you..Basically the whole scenario is..This job is your typical work in the corporate world or call center industry but you just don't get to travel long hours to get to your job because it's right there, within an arm's reach..All I am saying is..work standards should not diminish when you get a REMOTE STAFF job..In fact, you should even find more ways to "schmack (is that an actual word?!) yourself in the face" and motivate yourself to meet or go beyond your client's expectations. Your client has a business to run and most of the time you will be left on your own..And that is were the dilemma starts..when you are alone..what will you do? "sleep" on the job? or have the integrity to live up to the work standards you claim you possess during your job interview?"For you to grow in this kind of working environment, you need to constantly learn and study on your own, and train yourself with the best available materials you can get. Thru this, you will bloom in your independence - and that's the best thing you can achieve by working from home.

Virtual Assistant

At first, I thought working from home is less stressful and more easygoing but I was very wrong with my perception. My job as a Senior Web Designer is not at all easy but very challenging. Challenging because I was always pushed to my limits in my designing. But what I like most is that I was given a free hand to be more creative with my design and hone my skills even more.

Senior Web Designer
San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines

Working from home just eliminates the unnecessary stress-contributing factors in life, professionally speaking. And the highlight is "there's no place like home."

Phone Customer Support Staff
Davao City, Philippines

Working from home has many advantages. There's less stress. I can save huge amounts of time on the commute everyday. I can be available in emergencies. I can cook my own food and eat better. I can concentrate on my work more and therefore be more productive. In my previous work, if we're having problems in the office, I really need to go to the office in order to fix those problems even on a Sunday, but now I can solve it here in my room and have more time for doing other important things.

Web Developer
Cebu City, Philippines

I don't have to wake up and allot several hours for preparation and commute to cope with my schedule. Therefore, it's easier to save money and manage stress. This kind of scenario offers a lot of disadvantages as well, like, it's more difficult to collaborate with my team-mates since seeing the real thing and gestures aids a lot in absorbing the ideas of a member who is explaining it. That is why, it is crucial for me to think outside the box to cope with the demand and accomplish all the tasks given to me.

Marketing Assistant
Quezon City, Philippines

Thanks to RemoteStaff I have now a wonderful and challenging homebased career! At last my dream job is not a dream anymore...

Web Developer
Bulacan, Philippines

Remote Staff has helped me find exactly what I was looking for a work from home career that is challenging, fresh, lets me be creative! Best of all, my Australian client is absolutely wonderful!

As an advanced SEO specialist for Remote Staff, the more relaxed work environment enables me to focus and concentrate better on my campaigns giving way to more productive end results. Working from your own home eliminates the hassle of interacting with annoying co-workers. Moreover, I can do what I do best even while I'm in my pyjamas!

Daghang Salamat! (Many thanks!)

SEO Specialist
Cagayan de Oro City,

I love what I do here! Working for RemoteStaff has given me a fulfilling career while working from home. Not only did I learn to manage my time effectively, working with highly skilled individuals gifted with excellent talent also makes me learn something new everyday!

Becoming a Remote Staff independent contractor is the perfect work set up for professionals who want to further their careers but are tired of the corporate jungle. Imagine learning from your colleagues and getting paid a competitive corporate while working from the comforts of your own home!

Marketing Assistant
Davao City, Philippines

Before joining RemoteStaff, I was a working mom who dealt with guilt daily for having to leave her child in the care of someone I pay to attend to his needs. I used to work in an office an hour's commute from home. And, as if the rising costs of transportation were not depressing enough, it was equally disappointing to realize that my earnings were getting spent on frivolous things like designer coffee or the latest fashion trends in order to keep up with the corporate image.

With RemoteStaff, I no longer battle apocalyptic weather during a typhoon only to be told work has been cancelled...I no longer break into a panic when news of a transport strike is announced. My earnings are not wasted in trying to comply with a corporate dress code. Best of all, I am still physically able to look after my child even while locked inside my home office!

RemoteStaff compensates me for the quality of my work & doesn't put a premium on how good I look. RemoteStaff gives me the best of both worlds: I have a gratifying career that has eradicated time otherwise wasted on long commutes and morning preparations.

Website Publishing Coordinator
Antipolo City, Philippines

Working at home gives me peace of mind. I don't have to worry bout my family because I'm with them 24/7. There's no reason for me not to report for work or be late because my work station is just a few feet away. I can make the most out of my 8-hour shift and meet my clients' expectations at the same time.

It's a great feeling knowing these people place their full trust in me inspite them not having seen or met me ' but the even greater feeling is being able to prove that I'm worth it at the end of the day.

Manila City, Philippines

Although it's a comfortable and stress-free setup, there are many responsibilities that go with it too, like, you continue to work on building your employer's trust and confidence in what you can do. Day after day, you should prove that you are worth it, and you're doing great even if they cannot see you. And this can be achieved thru consistent communication, top level output, abiding in their rules and processes, and on time submission of deliverables.

For you to grow in this kind of working environment, you need to constantly learn and study on your own, and train yourself with the best available materials you can get. Thru this, you will bloom in your independence - and that's the best thing you can achieve by working from home.

SEO / Google Adwords Expert
Makati City, Philippines